Was founded as a place for Michael and Frank to continue to improve their game and love of golf.  Ever since they could walk they had a golf club in their hands.  Their father had originally bought right handed clubs for them to hit.  Frank was ok with this, but Michael was always trying to hit with the back of the club swinging lefty.  Everyday they had a club in their hands.  When they played in the yard, it was golf.  After school – golf.  All summer – golf.  They developed a great game.  At the age of 8 they played their first golf tournaments in New Jersey at Junior Golf America.  They learned quickly in order to win you had to be a great putter and get up and down from everywhere.  When they were 11 years old they won 9 tournaments between them on the US Kids tour in Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Michael was Player of the Year Runner Up in New Jersey and Philadelphia.  Frank was Player of the Year in Philadelphia.  At the age of 12 they were playing in the 13 to 15 year old age group in the Philadelphia Section PGA Junior tour.  While they didn’t win they were very competitive with the older kids.  They also competed in the US Kids World Championship at Pinehurst NC.  At the age of 13 Michael J Cestone III won the Pa. State Junior Championship 13 & Under division at Hershey CC.  Both Frank & Michael had a win in the Philadelphia Section PGA Junior tour.  Frank wins the 18 & under Club Championship at the Country Club of Scranton, edging out his brother Michael by one shot.  At the age of 14 Frank wins the Pretenders Tourn. at the Country Club of Scranton played on the same day and course as the US Open Qualifier.  Michael wins 3 times on the 13 to 15 year old age group in the Philadelphia Section PGA Junior tour.  Both Frank & Michael clinch starting positions on their high school golf team as freshmen. Frank was low scorer in the High School Lackawanna League District 2 Qualifier at Elmhurst CC.  At the age of 15 Frank & Michael help their high school team place 2nd in the PIAA State Championship.

Prior to their 2010 season Michael G. Cestone, father of Michael and Frank, went to become a USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional.  Michael G Cestone wanted to make sure that he was teaching Michael and Frank the proper techniques so they could continue to improve. 

After their 2010 season we set up a simulator in our garage.  We felt that having the simulator in the garage with a TV screen really helped them improve their game through the winter months.  We decided to find a place and install golf simulators so they could play golf all winter.  This is the start of Cestone Golf Academy.  Cestone Golf Academy has 2 simulators for golfers to play, practice and learn the game of golf.  We offer lessons for putting, chipping and pitching, full swing, mental attitude, course management, video analysis and coaching.  We also offer TPI fitness training and K-Vest evaluation and training.  We sell golf merchandise from Callaway, Mizuno, Wilson Staff, Loudmouth Golf, and Bridgestone.  In 2012 Cestone Golf Academy became an Authorized Callaway Club Fitter.  In 2013 Cestone Golf Academy added TrackMan technology to analyze and improve golfers swing and ball flight.  Michael G Cestone becomes WGCA Certified Professional Golf Coach.  In 2014 Michael G Cestone becomes TrackMan Pro Certified Professional.  Michael G Cestone is hired as Abington Heights School District's Varsity Golf Coach. Michael G Cestone is named USSSA Golf Eastern Pennsylvania Area Director.  In 2015 Michael G Cestone is Accepted into the PGA Apprentice Program.  Cestone Golf Academy relocates to Tampa Florida.  Michael G Cestone starts coaching for The First Tee of Tampa.   In 2016 Cestone Golf Academy opens at Westchase Golf Club, Tampa, Florida.

Michael and Frank have a family with a strong history of great golfers.  Their father, grandfather and great grandfather were accomplished amateur players.  The greatest Cestone golf accomplishment was their great grandfather winning the US Senior Amateur Championship in 1960. 

We at Cestone Golf Academy are here to help you enjoy golf and “Play Better Golf”.

Our Mission - "To Provide golfers of all abilities the necessary golf lessons and golf coaching to achieve their goals." 

Frank & Michael #16 Augusta

Frank & Michael #16 Augusta



Michael Cestone

Michael Cestone’s passion is teaching and coaching golf.  In 2010 he opened Cestone Golf Academy in Pennsylvania.   Michael relocated Cestone Golf Academy to Tampa Florida in June 2015 to pursue his passion of coaching golf. He is proficient at coaching students to reach their goals.  He is certified with TrackMan, K-Motion 3D, USGTF, WGCA, Callaway Club Fitting, SCOR Golf club fitting (Now Ben Hogan), Golf Genius Tournament Software.  He is currently in the PGA Apprentice program and will continue his education until he becomes a class A PGA member.  Michael currently trained with some of the best golf instructors (Andrew Rice, Cameron McCormik, David Orr, George Gankas, Sean Foley, Grant Waite, James Siekmann) at Coach Camp.


Michael has extensive knowledge working with junior golfers, coaching his sons to over 30 wins on various junior golf tours.  The most notable of those wins are a Pa State Junior Championship in the 14 and under division.  Also his sons, as sophomores, played a significant role in taking their high school team to a second place finish in the Pa State Championship.  This was the best finish in the history of their high school.  Michael coached the Abington Heights High School Golf team to a 10-3-2 record in his first year as head coach, with a team that graduated 5 starters from the previous year.  Michael was an assistant coach for the girls golf team at Scranton Prep High School for three years.  Michael also coached for 2 ½ years at The First Tee of Tampa Bay.  


Michael has his hands on the pulse of junior golf with his sons competing on the AJGA, Florida Junior Tour, PGA Junior Tour, Junior amateur qualifiers, junior state tournaments, USGA tournaments, US Kids, First Tee of Tampa Bay Tournaments, etc…   He managed travel arrangements for his sons’ tournaments for 10 years as well as his students at Abington Heights High School.  He continues to help junior golfers pursue their dreams of playing high school golf, college golf and beyond. 


Michael has played amateur golf his entire life.  He started 4 years on his high school golf team.  He is a Club Champion and a runner up 4 times at the Country Club of Scranton.  He has won, with his father, 7 Father's Day tournaments, 3 member/member tournaments and 3 senior /junior tournaments at the Country Club of Scranton. 


Michael Cestone is a dedicated, hard working, give 100% type of person. 


Michael’s mission is to provide golfers of all abilities the necessary lessons and coaching to achieve their goals. 


Michael J Cestone III

A junior at USF. Michael has been playing golf since he was 2 years old and playing competitively since the age of 8.   He has competed and won many tournaments on the U.S Kids Tour, Philly Junior Tour, AJGA, and Florida Jr Tour. He won the Pa. Junior Junior Championship at age 13. As a sophomore at Scranton Prep HS his team finished 2nd in the Pa State Championship, best finish in school history. Since moving to  Florida in June 2015 he has been a coach at Cestone Golf Academy and was coaching and running golf tournaments at The First Tee of Tampa Bay.   Michael has studied extensively the swings of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson and more, which has lead to the teaching philosophy at Cestone Golf Academy.


Frank Cestone

A junior at USF. He has been playing golf since he was 2 years old. He has won and competed in tournaments for eight years on the U.S. Kids Golf Tour, Philadelphia Junior Golf Tour, AJGA Tour, and the Florida Junior Tour. In his freshman year of high school at Scranton Prepatory School, he finished t-1 at the district tournament with a score of 70. In his sophmore year at Scranton Prep high school, his team finished second in the PIAA Golf State Championship and Frank was the low scorer at the tournament. Since moving to Florida in June 2015 he has been a coach at Cestone Golf Academy and was coaching and running golf tournaments at The First Tee of Tampa Bay.   Frank has studied extensively the swings of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson and more, which has lead to the teaching philosophy at Cestone Golf Academy. 


Michael J Cestone Jr.


Michael J Cestone Sr.


Michael J Cestone Sr. wins 1960 USGA Senior Amateur Championship


 Michael J Cestone III wins Pa. Junior Championship
13 & Under Division
Hershey CC
July 2-3, 2012 


What others are saying



Oct. 19, 2019

"On Friday I shot an 87 at Plantation Palms 5,600 yds.  Everything I have learned from our lessons is coming together. 

Upright stance; less sway; more hip rotation; left shoulder stays connected to upper body; out of sand in one shot; forward lean shaft when putting; swing with slope downhill lie; etc.

Golf sure is more fun when I’m  shooting lower scores/better swings 😊

Thanks for your help,"



Oct 6, 2019

"Loved the lessons! Learned much with ability to work my knowledge into game!  Michael and Frank are great!  The three of you make a great team!  You can have anyone that needs a reference to call me!"  


Moe Harrison


September 29 at 11:44 PM · 

Thanks Michael for the fix you taught me at our last lesson. I've played four rounds since then and have not had one severe open-face shot. None, zip, nada. Golf is fun again! Thanks again for the fix.


July 2019

 Hi Michael-

Just got back from Pinehurst... I’m sure Tom told you about his big win!!😁😁😁
Soooo proud of him and all his hard work.
You and you’re boys have certainly helped him become the golfer he is!!!!

Lisa Roof


May 2019

"I recently took a lesson with Michael Cestone. A fantastic 1st lesson that provided an excellent explanation of his teaching style. He used video and Trackman before and after to demonstrate the changes he is implementing. I was so impressed and excited to continue under his teaching. Highly recommended."

David Roper


May 2019


"Thanks for the Screencast.  It is extremely helpful.  I have watched it a couple of times to reinforce what I need to work on to improve my swing.  What a great teaching tool.  The visual aspect combined with your voice over really hits home with me.   Using what you taught me, I am hitting the ball better."

Jerry Roat


July 2018

"I just wanted to tell you that our last lesson was my favorite one yet.  You taught me more about chipping in 20 minutes than anyone has been able to teach me in the last 30 years of attempting to play golf.  I’m looking forward to the next lesson."

Joshua Lynch


May 2018

"I had been struggling for 3 months and had already spent 2 months with 2 different golf instructors and had not achieved any results when I started with Mike and his 2 sons. From the very first minutes working with the three of them I could tell that this was going to be much different then what I had previously encountered. We started working on things with my swing that had not been previously mentioned. I have received top-quality instruction in golf fundamentals and I can say from spending 2 months trying to improve my game their instruction is unmatched. I can't say enough about the 3 of them as I have received instruction from each of them and they have been outstanding."


Larry Braga


Jan. 14, 2018

Thanks for a great tournament today. James showed his medal to all his neighborhood friends. He said he wants another shot at competing. Your folks are excellent & did a great tourney.

James Gothard Jr


Melissa Pronzo


"I had never played golf before, and wanted to be able to play in charity tournaments with my friends. I called Michael, got started, and a month later was on the course! Highly recommend!!"


Fab Laude


Coach Cestone

"You have sacrificed and dedicated your time and services to my golf game.  With that being said, I would like to express my sincere gratitiude an making this golf season memorable and sucessful."

                                 Respectfully,  Fab


John Troncoso


"Mike and the team have been with me since I began making an effort to improve my golf game. He does a great job of working with his students on the swing that feels most natural to them. He doesn't break you down and work from scratch, he builds on the foundation that you already have. Sophisticated use of Trackman is a big plus of working with CGA."



Hey Coach,
"I thank you, Frank, and Michael for helping me grow in my golf game, and I can credit you to helping me perfect my game to where it is now. I just thank you and your sons for not only being great coaches, but being great mentors, friends, and role models as well. I wish you well for all of your journeys to come."
Thanks Coach.
-Marshall Rowe


Edward Titen


"This group really understands the science of golf and how to translate into a useable golf swing."


Lenn Fraraccio to Michael Cestone


Nic made the High school golf team !!! You and your boys are a big reason why. Thx you !!!


Ross Watercutter to Michael Cestone


"Just wanted to let you know I'm getting much better results.  Next time I see you I'm going to give you a huge handshake. I have never hit a golf ball better in my 15 years of playing golf than I did today on the driving range.  From here on out the skies the limit.  I finally got the concept down and hit 85% of my balls really good."


Nick Tsavaris to Michael Cestone


"Yianni took his golf lesson to the course today.  Today's lesson was the best so far.  Thank you.  You're a great teacher."


Dennis Donoghue

2016/10/08 · Tampa ·

"When I find a great business I have to let people know! Isaiah hangs out at Cestone Golf Academy when we can. Michael Cestone and his boys are running a great program out at Westchase Golf Club. I notice the improvement in his game already. Better than me noticing is Isaiah notices."


Tony Salas‎ to Michael Cestone

March 18, 2016 at 7:15pm · Pebble Creek, FL, United States ·

"Hey Coach. Just wanted to say thanks for spending time with Ben this whole week at Rogers. And thanks for offering the Trackman! His confidence is growing immensely, and his skills have improved tremendously over this last week! I watched him for about 45 minutes today practicing on the range when I came to pick him up, and the difference is truly astounding! You and Coach Melvin have really done a lot for him, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it! He is SUPER excited for the tournament this weekend, which is something we usually don't see from him. So, thanks again!Type your paragraph here."