Callaway Club Fitting

Authorized Fitting Location

Available at Select Callaway Retailers and Golf Pro Shops

The Callaway Fitting System is available at Authorized Fitting Locations throughout the country. These accounts have been hand selected to deliver a premium fitting experience enabling golfers to be fit for the Callaway equipment that best suits their game. Properly fitted clubs can maximize distance and greatly improve accuracy ensuring golfers get more enjoyment while playing. Less than ten percent of Callaway accounts hold the distinction of an Authorized Fitting Account, making them premium fitting destinations for the consumer looking to take advantage of a proper club fitting.

Players of All Abilities Will Benefit

Custom fitting is widely recognized by golf professionals and often reviewed in golf periodicals as one of the most important aspects of improving your game. With numerous head models, materials, shafts, weights, lengths, and other custom specifications, an Authorized Club Fitter can help narrow the search and improve players' performance. Players of any skill level will discover which clubhead, loft and flex combination work best for them. The club fitter can fine-tune their desired feel and ball flight to maximize distance and accuracy, ensuring confidence in their new equipment purchase. 


We use TrackMan 4 for club fitting at Cestone Golf Academy.

Trackman is a leading ball-flight monitor that uses radar to measure ball launch, ball flight and club delivery in great detail. We use Trackman for clubfitting in order to accurately measure golfer and equipment performance.

The use of TrackMan allows everyday golfers to measure their launch and spin and compare themselves to tour professionals and to get closer to ideal ball flight. Most people think of launch monitors as devices to help maximize distance for drivers. While this is true, a launch monitor also allows you to optimize 3-metal performance; dial in distance gaps among fairways, hybrids and long irons; determine your longest iron with playable green-stopping trajectory; and effectively gap your wedges.



Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Fitting $100.00

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Callaway Rogue & Rogue Pro irons

Fitting $150.00

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Callaway Apex 19 & Apex 19 Pro irons

Fitting $150.00

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Callaway MD4 Wedges

Fitting $75.00

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