SwingFitt™ at Cestone Golf Academy


Play Better Golf

 Improve your Swing Power and Control.

The edge you have been looking for is finally here!

 SwingFitt™ is the most powerful, performance-enhancing, injury-reducing, fitnes program to hit the market. Specifically designed for swing sports, SwingFitt™ for Golf is the documented, performance-enhancing SwingFitt™ program, adapted with specialized fitness training to improve swing extension, power, and decrease risk of injury by increasing total body athleticism. 


 Swing your way to the next level with instruction from the PGA-level experts at Cestone Golf Academy, and SwingFitt™ for Golf!

The Cestone-SwingFitt™ program brings together the PGA-level expertise, which, Michael Cestone and his team are known for, with the exceptional, performance-enhancing fitness training of SwingFitt™.  


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