My Swing Evolution Intensive

 We are excited to be working with Christo Garcia, My Swing Evolution, as the host to his MSE Winter Intensive, December 1 at Westchase GC. If you are interested in participating in this event please email Christo at to reserve your spot. 


Hello Team MSE!


I’m excited to announce we are having our MSE Winter Intensive in Tampa at the Westchase Golf Course on December 1st, hosted by the Cestone Golf Academy.  

Folks ask me all the time, where can I learn the Ben Hogan golf swing?  Well besides myself, the Cestone family is one of the only Hogan-based instruction groups I’d recommend.  

I’ll be using Trackman to help students for the first time, and we will also be working on my long drive secrets as well as the Ben Hogan golf swing.  In addition, short game and putting will be covered so you can really drop those scores!

If you’d like to hit the ball more solid with better compression and reduce slicing, this event will begin at 9:00am and we will be working all day on making you a much better golfer.  To reserve your spot you can email me at

Hit ‘em long, and hit ‘em straight!

Christo Garcia