Shoulder Plane Trainer


To Quote Golf Professional Tom Watson -

“You want to make sure that your shoulder plane stays the same throughout the motion. It should be perpendicular to your spine. Turn your shoulders this way when it comes time to actually hit shots, and you’ll return the club consistently to the same impact position. Now you’ve got the secret.” Tom Watson – Australian Golf Digest – October 20th, 2016

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 To Quote Golf Professional Jason Dufner –

"Basically, imagine that your spine and your shoulders are a "T."  When Dufner turns his shoulders, he tries to maintain that angle; that is, turning his shoulders on a plane that are perpendicular to his spine angle.  In his swing, this assures that he can coil fully and consistently to assure the most power and precision.  If you struggle with an inefficient shoulder turn, check to make sure that you are maintaining the proper address angles between your spine and shoulders throughout the swing.” - Secret Golf - Jason Dufner and The Importance of Shoulder Plane – Posted by Stephen Hollingsworth. 

 The Shoulder Plane Trainer is a Patented Training Device #9,687,378 invented by Edward Titen.  Edward Titen has partnered with teaching Professional Michael Cestone and the Cestone Golf Academy to visually demonstrate how important your shoulder plane and spine tilt angles maintain their relationship throughout the golf swing.  The Shoulder Plane Trainer allows tour professionals, amateurs and teaching pro's to compare their shoulder plane and spine tilt positions throughout the swing - "hands free".  The trainer will substantially improve everyone's game. 


 Shoulder Plane Trainer Matt R 2017

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